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Post by Admin on Sat May 16, 2015 2:59 pm

Welcome To The Independant WMRL Forum

All posts, topics, threads etc are copyright of The WMRL Forum and no content is to be taken for any purpose without prior authorisation.

Below are the terms of use upon which we provide access to the WMRL Forum. By using This forum you agree to abide by these terms of use. If you do not accept the terms of use below then please exit the forum immediately.

New members are advised to take the time to read through the message board rules in order to gauge the feel of the forum.

There is to be NO racism on this forum.

There is to be NO sexism on this forum. A sense of humour is allowed, but I’m sure we all know where to draw the line.

Personal abuse or over aggressiveness towards members will not be tolerated. Initial offenders can expect to be issued with a warning, then a permanent ban if they continue to break these rules. Please respect other people’s opinions even if you disagree with them.

ALL Admin and Global Moderators are to be treated with respect. Feel free to debate with them all you like on the message board but when decisions concerning discipline or running of the message board are made, these decisions MUST be respected.

Posters perceived as undermining the ability of mods and admins to run the site are subject to infractions. Incessant arguing about moderation, insulting Moderators or Administrators, and the repeated starting of threads questioning why a specific act of moderation was taken, are all examples of this. Repeat offenders are subject to having their posting privileges permanently removed.

IM's / PM's should be private between two members and should not be passed on to anyone else except Admin (if necessary) without the senders permission. You can report an IM/PM as you can any post or thread should you feel that the IM/PM sent to you is in any way offensive. Only Administrators will look into these reported allegations.

Any complaints regarding posts should be sent to Admin or GM by IM/PM not via the Announcements, Feedback & Questions board. That should be primarily used for general enquiries.

Posting Rules

Although there are no demands as far as grammar or spelling is concerned, if your posts are difficult to read or understand, or the use of text speak is used, then they are more than likely going to be locked or deleted. There is a spell checker provided on the message board for anyone who wishes to use it. Persistent offenders will be warned and then banned from the site if they persist.

Foul language and swearing in thread titles and posts is prohibited. If you do feel it’s necessary to swear then please use **** as appropriate. Any posts containing excess or needless swearing will be removed or edited and repeat offenders will be pm'd and then banned if warnings are continually ignored.

Before you post, read down the board and make sure nobody has posted on the same subject recently. It is not necessary to start a new topic just to make your point heard. So please bear in mind that repetitive threads/topics/posts on the same subject will be locked, deleted or moved.

Posts not on the correct thread will be deleted straight away, if you can't be bothered reading the rules, we can't be bothered to let you know your post has been deleted.

Please do not edit other members posts to change the meaning of that post etc. It will be removed.

Continuous posting of off-topic/chit-chat material in the main Division forums is deemed unacceptable. Off-topic forums are provided so off-topic content should be kept in the appropriate forum. The Main Division forums should be primarily used for the discussion of clubs and issues/news relating to that division. Persistent offenders will be warned then banned from the site if the persist. All posts are the views and opinions of the individual poster and not necesarilly the views and opinons of The WMRL Forum its owners or the team that run the site.

PLEASE DO NOT POST IN CAPITAL LETTERS. This applies to both thread titles and posts.


We do not allow text language to be used on this forum. It's there in the forum rules and if people continue to post in text language (ie u instead of you, b4 instead of before, m8 instead of mate) their posts will be removed.

Whilst you may be comfortable typing and reading like that, there are a lot of people that can't understand it.

The only acceptable abbreviations we will allow on the forum are: lol, imo, pmsl, lmao, rofl and terms like those.

Any others will be removed, no exceptions.

Posting merely to lift a thread back to the top of the board aka bumping posts, be it your own or otherwise, is not allowed and your post will be deleted.

Although we provide smileys for general use on the forum they should be used sparingly, one smiley per post should generally be enough to convey your emotions. Any posts that overuse smileys may be deleted as will posts containing only smileys.

Please do not post one word posts, if you agree/disagree with a fellow poster please explain why instead of just 'agreed' etc.

Member Accounts

Any member that creates more than one account can expect to have their duplicate account deleted and if the persist then ALL of their accounts withdrawn from the forum.

All accounts that are inactive for a period of 365 days will be deleted, this figure is subject to change. All banned members will remain banned and any we find slip through will be banned again.

Your account is exclusive to you and you alone, do not share your password with anybody else. Members who allow others to use their log-in details will have their account cancelled.

Please refrain from posting on behalf of banned members. If you do not respect this rule then you will be warned and persistent offenders will be banned from using this forum.

Members are given the ability to create their own signature. However image signatures are strictly prohibited, as they slow the loading time of each page down. Text signatures if used should be small in size and no more than 4 lines in total, and kept to black text opposed to colour which the moderating team use from time to time. Please do not use bold writing or have moving text across the page. All these points detract from the actual post. Your respect of this is appreciated.

We do not allow the use of political avatars or signatures. This is a football forum not a politics board. We will also edit any signature we deem to the detriment of the forum.



Usernames should be no longer than 15 characters in length, new members creating accounts will be rejected if this is breached and current members will be asked to change their username due to the current forum template. We do not allow any usernames which are considered political. This is a football board not a politics board.


Any touts can expect their posts to be deleted, their membership rescinded and Necessary clubs/authorities will be contacted of the member’s activities.


Advertising third-party websites/services is not permitted unless you have been given permission by The WMRL Forum to do so. This also applies to general advertising and includes links in forum signatures. To apply for permission to advertise on The WMRL Forum then please contact a member of Admin.

Banning Information

When you breach any of the rules on The WMRL Forum a member of the Admin/GM team will normally warn you via Personal Message first. If you fail to stop and persist with your behaviour then a 7 day posting ban will be issued to you. If after that you continue to disrupt the forum then a total ban will be issued. Admin and Global Moderators DO have the right to ban outright without warning.

We hope you enjoy the The WMRL Forum.

Best Regards

The WMRL Forum moderating team.


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